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Elisha Li believes that the self healing of human body is very powerful. Acupuncture is the cornerstone of comprehensive and natural approach to . Most health issues are curable and preventable when we follow the natural healing law and address the root causes properly with the respect of the body as a holistic system. When your body works the way nature intended, your spirit souls -- and so do you. 

Please Be Advised

NO acupuncture appointments within 2 weeks after any type of vaccine injections.


While people like to refer the human body as a Temple, Elisha prefers to refer it as Soil. The Soil as a combination of physical, chemical and energy. 

Like soil, a healthy human being means good physical appearance, balanced chemical and the most suitable energy field for life. It operates as a whole even though It consists of multiple diffrent systems ( divided by men).

The human body has the ability of self - healing. With its internal mechanism, chemical interactions and energy reset, the human body can heal itself perfectly. 

Like soil, human body needs appropriate care for its quality lifespan and reproduction. Any external help to the body should respect the law of the human body, not others.  Excessive / abusing / misusing measures would disturb the healing, and result in damage and illness. 


Our acupuncture center was established over a decade ago. It has been growing with the respect of natural healing and acknowledgement of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the western world, and becomes well recognized today in North Shore. Our focus is on promoting holistic natural healing, optimal health and well-being.


Elisha Li upholds science and ethic in her practice. ​Providing personalized, high quality care on as - needed or preventative basis, Elisha Li dedicates herself to heal her patients, also educate them about the underlying factors affecting their health and quality of life, encourage them to participate their self-healing, support their overall wellness.

Elisha Li ensures every single session is worth value for her patients. The patient's rapid relief and long term health are the goals she pursues passionately.

Patient's health interests are always Elisha's top priority. Her compassion and knowledge are the trust fundamental of her patients. 

Elisha Li is a registered acupuncturist in BC, Canada, M.D. and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Doctor in China. Holding master degree of Acupuncture, she has been practicing in the medical and acupuncture field for over 38 years.

Elisha Li received her Western Medicine and TCM, acupuncture education in China. Following her training, she worked at the hospitals in Beijing for nearly 20 years before moving to Canada.

As a senior TCM doctor, acupuncturist and Rehabilitation doctor,  specialty in neurology at a well known national hospital in Beijing, China, 

Elisha Li mainly worked on neurological health ​issues, including nerve, brain and spinal cord injuries, various pain and so on. By employing both Chinese and Western Medicine therapies, Elisha Li aided her many patients to experience major healing.

Elisha Li focuses on addressing the causes when working on the symptoms. She is enthusiastic about up-to-date health and medical progress to ensure the best  professional holistic healthcare with her knowledge and over 35 years acupuncture and TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) experience.

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Elisha Li

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