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Our Declaration

While individural's health interests are our priority, we recognize the equality of persons with different cultural and religions backgrounds, and respect the values and beliefs of persons of healthcare choices. 

Natural Immunity

" Natural immunity is the only true immunity. Everything else is an artificial attempt to cheat nature - and nature is never cheated ... If we think we can fool Mother Nature, we are only fooling ourselves." --- Dr. Raymond Obomsawin, PhD 

Sunlight, physical exercises, social interaction, gut health, and exposure to pathogens are essential for a functioning immune system.  Having common cold 1-2 times per year is a good way to exercise our immune system. ​​

The U.S. Government in 1918 on " Spanish Flu " had more measured, more scientific, and more holistic guidelines of immunity self-promotion than what we have been told and done for the past 3 years:

         - Fresh air and sunshine kill the germ.                        - Eat nourishing food.  
         - Beware of those coughing and sneezing.                 - Drink plenty of water.
         - Keep out of crowds.                                                  - Get at lease seven hours of sleep.
         - Avoid poorly ventilated rooms.                                  - If you are sick, stay home.   
         - Keep in good physical & mental condition.               - Avoid wearing face masks for a long period.

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NO acupuncture appointments within 2 weeks after any type of vaccine injections.

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SARS-COV-II Information for the Public

1. Healthy people don't need to wear face masks. Face masks may cause more harms than benefits to healthy elderlies and young children.  

2. The virus does not spread asymptomatically.
3. We should never test asymptomatic people.
4.  SARS-COV-II, similar as common cold and Flu, is curable.
5.  The survival rate of SARS-COV-II infection is more than 99% for those of 70 years old and younger.
6. Virus and bacteria, as every life on the Earth, mutate constantly. As they continue to evolve, they become stronger to survive, but less harm to human from generation to generation naturally.
7. For decades, vaccines have been communicated as a mean of self-protection, but not of others-protection. 
8. Vaccination is not an only immunization method. Natural immunity is more robust, complete, and durable.
9. The current so-called mRNA vaccines are experimental gene therapy. Their long - term effectiveness and safety are unknown.
10. The governments / health officers have acknowledged that the COVID-VAXX neither prevent from SARS-COV-II infection, nor stop virus transmission. 
11. Sunlight and fresh air are the best sanitizers.
12. A lot of Chinese herbal remedies are very effective for cold / viral infections.

Those who know it, the law is based on yin and yang, the harmony is based on the number of spells, food and drink are restrained, daily life is regular, and they don't work rashly, so they can form and live with the spirit, and they will live out their lives for hundreds years.

​《 Huang Di Nei Jing 》